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Car HUD Head Up Display Vehicle-mounted Security System With OBD2 OBD 2 Interface Overspeed Warning Fuel Consumption W01

Brand: DWO
Product Code: EA00002045OT
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Car HUD Head Up Display Vehicle-mounted Security System With OBD2 OBD 2 Interface Overspeed Warning Fuel Consumption W01

This product is a vehicle for high-speed research and development in high speed, in high-speed driving, especially at night when the driver looked down to avoid watching or watch the audio meter display shows that there is an emergency at the front may too late to take effective measures to caused by accident. HUD is reflected in a very delicate moment of care, the technology driving the car during the instrument display important information (such as speed) projected onto the windshield, not only to help determine the speed inexperienced to control their speed, to avoid the speed limit in many sections of the violation for speeding, more importantly, it enables the driver in the large field of vision does not transfer under the conditions of instantaneous readings, always keep a clear head the best observation of the state.     
1 automatically adapt to the model, in line with OBD II (vehicle automatic diagnostic system) Plug and Play models
2 accurate large-screen digital speed, graphics speed also showed that easy to read
3 vehicle speed, engine speed, water temperature, fuel consumption (to support the air flow meter models) also showed
4 Automatic Soft-off feature, turn off after 10 seconds automatically enter standby mode to save power
5 unique polarized lens design, the product is more natural light
6 speed single-stage and fourth paragraphs of alarm modes, more conducive to traffic safety
7 can record cars driving over the maximum speed
8 shift to remind, is conducive to saving time shift and achieve the purpose of special significance for the novice
9 automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, traffic is not dazzling.
1 * HUD Host
1 * OBD II Interface
1 * Anti-slip Mat
1 * Reflective Film
1 * Head Up User Manual(English)
Package size: 16.5 * 11.5 * 4.5cm / 6.75 * 4.5 * 1.8in

Package weight: 240g 

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